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Wat Khuan Inthanin Ngam (วัดควนอินทนินงาม)

Thai. Name of a Buddhist temple in Trang, of which the ubosot has a roof that has been painted into the thong chaht, i.e. the National Tricolour of Thailand in red-white-blue-white-red (fig.), and measures about 30 by 100 meters. This main chapel, of which construction was started in 2012 AD, today houses an 8 meter tall and at the lap 5 meter wide gilded Buddha image, with eyes that have pupils made of nin, i.e. black spinel, sometimes referred to as  black jasper or black onyx. It also has a lotus bud-shaped third eye that resembles a large crystal. The statue is depicted seated in the maravijaya pose and at time of construction it was said to be the largest of its kind in the south of Thailand, weighing about 30 tons. See also MAP.