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Saraburi (สระบุรี)

Thai. Name of a province (map) and its capital city in Central Thailand, 110 kms north of Bangkok with a population of 64,000. In the province of the same name there is the famous but controversial temple Wat Tham Khao Krabok, a place where opium and heroin addicts are treated by means of herbs in a strict regime, combined with teachings from the dhamma. This province also has a temple which is bestowed with the highest possible royal title of Rajavora Maha Vihaan, namely Wat Phra Phutthabaat (fig.). Throughout Thailand there are only a few temples conferred with this high royal title. The temple houses a footprint of the Buddha (Phraphutthabaht) in a small beautifully decorated mondop. This giant footprint was discovered during the rule of king Song Tham (1610 to 1628) and bears the 108 auspicious signs of a buddha. The province has thirteen amphur. See also Saraburi data file.