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Jungle Queen

Generic common name for a species of large butterfly found in South and Southeast Asia, with the scientific name Stichophthalma louisa and of which there are several subspecies, including the in Thailand native Stichophthalma louisa siamensis, which is commonly known as Siamese Jungle Queen. The genus Stichophthalma also hosts similar species, such as Stichophthalma godfreyi, with the common name Godfrey's Jungle Queen; Stichophthalma camadeva, i.e. the Northern Jungle Queen; Stichophthalma cambodia, i.e. the Cambodian Jungle Queen; and Stichophthalma howqua, i.e. the Vietnamese Jungle Queen (fig.), to name just a few. The Jungle Queen is sometimes referred to as Naga Queen, a name that derives from its Thai equivalent, i.e. phi seua nang phaya (ผีเสื้อนางพญา). Also spelled Junglequeen. See also POSTAGE STAMPS.