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Siamese Jungle Queen

Common name for a species of Jungle Queen butterfly found in South and Southeast Asia, and with the scientific name Stichophthalma louisa siamensis. It is one of several subspecies of the nominate race Stichophthalma louisa and unlike its relatives Stichophthalma louisa siamensis is found only in Thailand. Actually, it is very rare and is usually found only on Khao Sra Bhap (เขาสระบาป), a mountain in Chanthaburi Province. It dwells in evergreen forests, swarms round spoiled fruit, and is often found perching on bamboo leaves. Above, it is mostly brown with a double row of black dots along the outer edges, while the tips of the forewings are whitish and the outer black spots on the forewings merge to form a black brim. In Thai, it is known as phi seua nang phaya sayaam (ผีเสื้อนางพญาสยาม), a name reminiscent of Phra Nang Phaya. See also POSTAGE STAMP.