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pad bai kapho (พัดใบกะพ้อ)

Thai. A small, round to heart or lotus-shaped fan, with a short handle and woven from the dried leaves of the fan palm, a kind of palm tree known by the scientific names Licuala sqinosa and Licuala paludosa, and which in Thai is called ton pho (ต้นพ้อ) or ton kapho (ต้นกะพ้อ). The fans have a somewhat cup-like form. They originally have a light, natural colour, though some fans, or certain parts of it, are dyed into bright colours. They are a well-known product from Nakhon Sri Thammarat. In China, similar palm-fans known as bajiao shan (fig.), are often exquisitely decorated with typical Chinese patterns and designs, and used as decorative items. Sometimes called phad bai krapho (พัดใบกระพ้อ), which may also be transcribed pad bai krapho.