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Wat Hua Khoo (วัดหัวคู้)

Thai. ‘Temple of the Twisted Head’. Name of a Buddhist temple of the Mahanikaai Sect, that dates from 1866 AD and which is located on a +23 rai plot of land in the amphur Bang Sao Thong (บางเสาธง) in Samut Prakan Province, near Suwannaphum International Airport. The temple is also known by the synonymous designation Wat Srisa Khoo (วัดศรีษะคู้) and since 1979 AD, it also has the title woraram, i.e. wararam, added as an affix to its name. The temple is named after the local village Hua Khoo and houses a Buddha image that reportedly was left in the village as a souvenir by King Taksin, who around 1767 AD had passed by the place when he to took his troops to Chanthaburi to fight off the Burmese and to increase his own forces and fighting strength with men liberated from the city. See also QUADCOPTER PICTURE and MAP.