Thaipex '81 - Early Siamese Postage Stamps (1981) ●





 Issue Name:

Thailand Philatelic Exhibition 1981

 Thai Issue Name:

งานแสดงตราไปรษณียากรแห่งชาติ 2524

 Issue Date:



To commemorate the 6th National Philatelic Exhibition, which was held from 4 to 12 August 1981 at the National Theatre in Bangkok

 Catalogue Number:



0.75 Baht, 0.75 Baht, 2.75 Baht, 2.75 Baht

 Unused Value:

15 Baht, 15 Baht, 35 Baht, 35 Baht

 Complete Set: 

100 Baht (unused), 40 Baht (used)

 Thailex Collection:



27 x 45 mm

 Quantity of Stamps:

3 million pieces for each of the first 2 designs, 1 million for each of the other two designs


John Waddington of Kirkstall Ltd., England


Stamps in four different colours, each with a dark and light shade. In the dark shade is the logo of the Communications Authority of Thailand (fig.), i.e. a golden chadah-like crown (fig.) over a post horn, as well as the Thaipex '81 logo, i.e. a golden silhouette of a postage stamp. Also in the darker section is in white the Thai text, i.e. ngan sadaeng trah praisanih yahkon haeng chaht 2524 (งานแสดงตราไปรษณียากรแห่งชาติ ๒๕๒๔), with 2525 being the date in BE. On the pale sections of each design is the depiction of an early Siamese postage stamp, namely: 1. Rama V (3rd Issue), issued in 1899 AD and depicting a portrait of King Chulalongkorn, with a denomination of 8 At; 2. Rama V (6th Series - Garuda), issued in 1910 and showing a portrait of King Rama V over a Garuda, with a face value of 28 Satang; 3. Rama VI (3rd Series - Garuda Wings), issued in 1919 and depicting a portrait of King Wachirawut underneath a pair of wings, and with a printed value of 50 Satang; 4. 3 Satang issue of the 150th Anniversary of the Chakri Dynasty set, issued in 1932 and depicting the portraits of Kings Prajadhipok and Phra Phutta Yotfa Chulalok, i.e. Rama VII and Rama I.

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