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Suphanburi (สุพรรณบุรี)

Pali-Thai. ‘City of gold’. An ancient city and the capital of a province (map) with the same name. The city has a population of about 26,000 and is located on the Tachin river in Central Thailand, about 100 kms northwest of Bangkok. In the Dvaravati period the city was called Meuang Thawarawadi Sri Suphannaphumi, a reference to Suvarnabhumi. In the tambon Nong Sarai (หนองสาหร่าย) of present-day Suphanburi Province, Prince (and later King) Naresuan (fig.), in 1593 defeated the Burmese crown prince in a duel on elephants (fig.) and thus liberated Ayutthaya from the yoke of Burma. In Don Chedi, a chedi and statue were erected to commemorate this event. Its places of interest include the 123.25 meters high Banhahn Jaem Sai Watchtower (หอคอยบรรหาร-แจ่มใส, map - fig.), and the region is also known for its many teak houses in traditional style (fig.). The province has ten amphur. See also Suphanburi data file.