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Singburi (สิงห์บุรี)

Thai. ‘Lion city’. Name of a province (map) and its capital city of the same name in Central Thailand, 142 kms North of Bangkok. The area held an important position in early Thai history, from the Dvaravati period down to the Ayutthaya Period, at the end of which it became known for the historical heroes of Fort Bang Rajan (fig.), who in 1767 offered a five month resistance with just a handful of heroic warriors against a superior force of Burmese troops, before being defeated. Since then, the city's name has become a reminder of those heroes, who fought with the courage of a lion. In 1895, the present province was created by King Rama V, who unified the areas of Phromburi, Inburi and Singburi. The province today has six amphur. See also Singburi data file.