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Saphaan Charoenrat 32 (สะพานเจริญราษฎร์ ๓๒)

Thai. ‘Prosperity 32 Bridge’. Name of an arched bridge that spans Khlong Maha Naak, i.e. the ‘Canal of the Great Naga, at its eastern end (fig.). It was commissioned in 1911, sponsored by King Rama VI (fig.) and constructed by the Sanitary Department for public utility purposes. The bridge, on Krung Kasem Road, was officially opened on 1 January 1912 to mark King Wachirawut's 32nd birthday and named Charoenrat 32 as a reference to this event. The bridge is made with reinforced concrete and has cement handrails on both sides, which at either end are adorned with the statue of a five-headed naga, a hint to the canal's name. In the center of the naga's body is a dark, radiating, sun-shaped chakra-like disc, a reference to the Chakri dynasty, with the King's royal cipher, i.e. the letters W. Ch. R. (ว.ช.ร.), which stand for Wachirawut (วชิราวุธ). On either side, in the middle of the handrail, is a plaque with the bridge's name and the year 131 R.S. (ร.ศ.), the year the bridge was finished according to the Rattanakosin Era, called Rattanakosinsok and which officially started on 6 April 1782 with the accession of King Rama I. Hence the year 131 RE corresponds to 1912 AD. See also TRAVEL PICTURES and MAP.