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Sakon Nakhon (สกลนคร)

Thai. Province (map) and its capital city in Isaan situated 647 kms Northeast of Bangkok. Derived from the Sanskrit words sakala (सकल) and nagara, the name literally means ‘Entire City’ or ‘Total City’, yet it is usually translated as ‘City of Cities’. The city is located on Nong Han Lake, Thailand's largest natural lake. Its water however is contaminated with the hazardous bilharzia. This region is known as the place with the most registered cases of bilharzia in the world. Another controversial reputation of this city is the consumption of cooked dog at the local dog market, a custom introduced by the Soh, an ethnic minority group in the region. Highlights in the province include Phu Phaan National Park, an area of approximately 665 kmsē said to be still inhabited by wild elephants and tigers. The province has eighteen amphur. See also Sakon Nakhon data file.