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Sahmphan Bohk (สามพันโบก)

Thai-Isaan. ‘Three Thousand Potholes’. Name of a large  solid area of rock with cliff-like sides and large rocky rapids along the Mekhong River in Ubon Ratchathani which features thousands of holes, puddles and potholes, that over time have naturally formed by the erosion of twirling water during the annual flood seasons. The partly eroded bedrock-like area is reminiscent of a crater-like landscape with countless deep and more shallow pits, some of which have been given nicknames, such as for example Mickey Mouse, which is the epithet given to three round adjoining potholes. This miracle of nature is a popular attraction in the region and is by some referred to as the Grand Canyon of Thailand. It is located in Ban Pohng Pao (บ้านโป่งเป้า), in the tambon Lao Ngaam (เหล่างาม) of the amphur Poh Sai (โพธิ์ไทร).