Tai Sui - Sixty Heavenly Generals (2013)


Jiazi Taisui    Yichou Taisui

Bingyin Taisui    Dingmao Taisui

Wuchen Taisui    Jisi Taisui

Gengwu Taisui    Xinwei Taisui

Renshen Taisui    Guiyou Taisui

Jiaxu Taisui    Yihai Taisui

Bingzi Taisui    Dingchou Taisui

Wuyin Taisui    Jimao Taisui

Gengchen Taisui    Xinsi Taisui

Renwu Taisui    Guiwei Taisui

Jiashen Taisui    Yiyou Taisui

Bingxu Taisui    Dinghai Taisui

Wuzi Taisui    Jichou Taisui

Gengyin Taisui    Xinmao Taisui

Renchen Taisui    Guisi Taisui

Jiawu Taisui    Yiwei Taisui

\Bingshen Taisui    Dingyou Taisui

Wuxu Taisui    Jihai Taisui

Gengzi Taisui    Xinchou Taisui

Renyin Taisui    Guimao Taisui

Jiachen Taisui    Yisi Taisui

Bingwu Taisui    Dingwei Taisui

Wushen Taisui    Jiyou Taisui

Gengxu Taisui    Xinhai Taisui

Renzi Taisui    Guichou Taisui

Jiayin Taisui    Yimao Taisui

Bingchen Taisui    Dingsi Taisui

Wuwu Taisui     Jiwei Taisui

Gengshen Taisui    Xinyou Taisui

Renxu Taisui    Guihai Taisui


 Issue Name:

Tai Sui - Sixty Heavenly Generals (i-Stamps)

 Thai Issue Name:

เทพเจ้าไท้ส่วยเอี๊ย ๖๐ องค์ (แสตมป์ส่วนตัว)

 Issue Date:



Addition to the 3 Tai Sui stamps issued for the 2013 Chinese New Year

 Catalogue Number:



3 Baht (60 designs)

 Unused Value:

3 Baht (60 designs)

 Complete Set:

180 Baht

 Thailex Collection:

Unused set


30 x 48 mm

 Quantity of Stamps:



Thailand Post Co., Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand


Sixty se-tenant stamps with the Tai Sui, i.e. the 60 assistants of the Jade Emperor, following the principle of the Ganzhi or 60 Years Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac, and named after the combinations of the Ten Celestial and the Twelve Terrestrial Branches, according to Chinese Calendar, namely: 1. Jiazi; 2. Yichou; 3. Bingyin; 4. Dingmao; 5. Wuchen; 6. Jisi; 7. Gengwu; 8. Xinwei; 9. Renshen; 10. Guiyou; 11. Jiaxu; 12. Yihai; 13. Bingzi; 14. Dingchou; 15. Wuyin; 16. Jimao; 17. Gengchen; 18. Xinsi; 19. Renwu; 20. Guiwei; 21. Jiashen; 22. Yiyou; 23. Bingxu; 24. Dinghai; 25. Wuzi; 26. Jichou; 27. Gengyin; 28. Xinmao; 29. Renchen; 30. Guisi; 31. Jiawu; 32. Yiwei; 33. Bingshen; 34. Dingyou; 35. Wuxu; 36. Jihai; 37. Gengzi; 38. Xinchou; 39. Renyin; 40. Guimao; 41. Jiachen; 42. Yisi; 43. Bingwu; 44. Dingwei; 45. Wushen; 46. Jiyou; 47. Gengxu; 48. Xinhai; 49. Renzi; 50. Guichou; 51. Jiayin; 52. Yimao; 53. Bingchen; 54. Dingsi; 55. Wuwu; 56. Jiwei; 57. Gengshen; 58. Xinyou; 59. Renxu; and 60. Guihai.

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