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Wat Sap Bon (วัดซับบอน)

Thai. Name of a Buddhist temple in the amphur Kaeng Khoi of Saraburi Province, located along the Friendship Highway, i.e. highway number 2 toward Nakhon Ratchasima, opposite the factories of TPI Cement, and which is home to a giant Buddha image in the meditation pose, known in Thai as pahng samahti, and which is seated in the full lotus position (fig.). The image, which is made of reinforced concrete, is referred to as Luang Pho Yai or Phra Yai, i.e. ‘Big Buddha’, and is said to be over 10 meters high. Underneath its base is the temple's ubosot, which is partly integrated with the image's pedestal. The bot dates back to the time when Luang Pho Samlih Paphaso (สำลี ปภาโส), who is also known as Phra Kruh Sakhonmunih (สาครมุนี), was the temple's abbot. See MAP.