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Siriyalai Palace

Name of a contemporary private royal palace in Ayutthaya, which was built on the personal property of King Bhumipon Adunyadet, to celebrate the occassion of the fifth birthday cycle of Queen Sirikit Kitthiyagon in 1991 AD, in order to be used as a residence when members of the royal family are visiting the ancient capital. The palace buildings are in the architectural style of the traditional Reuan Thai and made from eucalyptus wood. It was designed by Momluang Thewakun (เทวกุล) and built by the architect Mr. Decha Boonkham (เดชา บุญค้ำ). Upon completion, Crown Prince Wachiralongkorn had a silver honorary plaque placed in the palace, with an eulogy and well-wishing to his mother engraved on it. The palace is located on the east bank of the Chao Phraya River, opposite of Wat Chaiwatthanaram (fig.) and it has a sala pavilion on the riverside and a staircase that gives direct access to the river. Siriyalai Palace is also known as Sirikit Palace and in Thai, it is referred to as Phra Tamnak Siriyalai (พระตำหนักสิริยาลัย) or Phra Tamnak Sirikit (พระตำหนักสิริกิติ์). See MAP.