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Sammanakkha (สำมนักขา)

Thai. Name of a female giant or yak character in the Ramakien, who is described as having a green complexion, tah jorakae and upright tusks, and wearing a kabang-style crown. She is a daughter of Thao Lastian (ลัสเตียน) and Nang Ratchada (รัชฎา). She is hence a younger sister of Totsakan (fig.), as well as of Kumphakan (fig.), Phiphek (fig.), Khon or Khara (ขร), Thoot (ทูษณ์), and Trihsian (fig.). She was married to Chiwha (fig.), until the latter got killed by Totsakan. After being grieved by her loss, the widowed Sammanakkha one day strolled into the forest, where she came across Phra Ram, and was instantly infatuated by him. She made advances, but Rama was not interested and told her he was faithful to his beloved Sida (fig.). Envious, Sammanakkha attacked Sita, but the assault was thwarted by Phra Lak (fig.), who cut off her nose and ears, and sent her back to Langka. Humiliated, she first went to her brother Khara, who sent seven Rakshasa warriors to attack Rama, who easily dispatched them. Khara himself then attacked with his army of soldiers, but all but one were killed. Sammanakkha then went to Totsakan and persuaded him to abduct and marry Sida, a proposal that her eldest brother ‒in spite of opposition from Phipek‒ executed, thus triggering the war between Ayodhaya and Langka, which is described in the Ramakien. See also LIST OF RAMAKIEN CHARACTERS.