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Rose Myrtle Lappet Moth

Common name for a species of moth of the Lasiocampidae family, with the scientific designations Trabala vishnou, Gastropacha vishnou and Amydona prasina, which is found on the Indian subcontinent and in Southeast Asia, including in Thailand, where it is known as mot non bang bai witsanu (มอธหนอนบังใบวิษณุ). These moths are overall pale yellow in colour, with two brown spots, one larger than the other, on the forewings, as well as a number of tiny brown dots and markings across the wings, that together form a wavy pattern in the centre of the wings and a broken line towards the wings' apices. Females have a wingspan of up to 6.7 centimeters and are slightly larger than males, who grow to a wingspan of about 4.7 centimeters. The caterpillar of the Rose Myrtle Lappet Moth is bristly, with black and yellow bands, an orangey head and legs, with some yellow markings, and some pale blue spots on the black bands. The hairs on the body are mostly whitish, though there are also two characteristic black-coloured bristles of long hairs at either side of the head, that are directed forward at an angle of about 45 degrees. See also Rose Myrtle.