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Red Saraca

Common name for a tree, endemic in both Thailand and Myanmar, and which also has been introduced in other countries, such as Sri Lanka and India. It has the botanical designations Saraca declinata and Saraca cauliflora, and is also commonly known as Sorrowless Tree. It is medium-sized, growing up to 20 meters tall and requires shade and moist. It has elongated bright green leaves, that often hang drooping from the branch, and produces orangey-red flowers that grow in upright clusters, on the tip of the branches. These flowers, are sacred to Hindus and used as offerings in Hindu temples. Some Buddhists believe that it was this tree under which the Buddha was born, though others believe that this event took place underneath a sala tree (fig.). In Thailand, it is called Sohk Khao (โสกเขา) and is the provincial tree of Yala.