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Pink-headed Jewel Beetle

A species of metallic wood-borer beetle in the family Buprestidae and with the scientific name Chrysochroa buqueti rugicollis. It has six blackish legs with tiny hooks, a blackish abdomen with a metallic greenish-blue shine, transparent wings with a yellowish-orange to brownish tint, and elytra that are black with two broad yellow bands, that are connected in the middle with a fine yellow band, creating a H-shape when the elytra are closed. Separately, each elytron could be described as having a yellow anterior and a black posterior, with the yellow covering about two-thirds of the elytron's length and having a black spot at its centre. The Pink-headed Jewel Beetle has a pinkish-red head and thorax, and it has rather large compound eyes, as well as two short antennae, that are located at the front of the head. It is also commonly known as Banded Jewel Beetle, and in Thai it is called malaeng thab nang phaya hua thabthim (แมลงทับนางพญาหัวทับทิม), literally ‘ruby-headed queen metallic wood-boring beetle’. See also POSTAGE STAMPS.