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Phra Prakohntan (พระประโคนธรรพ์)

Thai. Name of character from the Ramakien. His name is derived from Phra Pra Khon Tanrop (พระประคนธรรพ) and he is also referred to as Phra Prakohn Tanrop (พระประโคนธรรพ), whilst the name is also transcribed Phra Parakontap. In addition, he is also known by the name Phra Narathamuni (พระนารทมุนี). He is said to be a teacher (kruh) of music and inventor of the harp. He is one of ten great brahmin reusi or hermits, together referred to as Thotsareusi (ทศฤาษี) or Maha Reusi Thang Sip Thaan (มหาฤาษีทั้ง 10 ท่าน), and wears a chadah with a peak in a tiger pattern, similar in shape and colour to the hats worn by reusi (fig.), yet taller and thinner. He has a green complexion (fig.) and is depicted on a 2013 Thai postage stamp, as part of a set of eight khon masks (fig.) issued to commemorate the annual Thai Heritage Conservation Day by publicizing the national art of khon.