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Phra Chinnarat Bai Sema (พระชินราชใบเสมา)

Thai. Phraphut Chinnarat Bai Sema. Name given to a Buddhist amulet that is part of the five Phra Yod Khunphon. It originates from Wat Phra Sri Rattanamahathat in Phitsanulok, and was first discovered in 1897 AD, during the reign of King Rama V. It depicts the Phraphutta Chinnarat Buddha image (fig.) from Wat Phra Sri Rattanamahathat Wora Maha Wihaan, which is seated in the half lotus position on a lotus pedestal and in front of a structure called crystal palace, or reuan kaew in Thai (fig.), which has a shape reminiscent of stone boundary markers, that are known in Thai as bai sema (fig.), hence the name of the amulet. The Buddha image is seated in the maravijaya pose, while performing a bhumisparsa mudra (fig.). See also POSTAGE STAMPS.