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Pata Zoo

Name of a privately owned animal zoo in Bangkok, located on the top two floors, i.e. the sixth and seventh floors, of the Pata Department Store on Phra Pinklao Road. Due to its peculiar location one might not expect large animals, yet the zoo exhibits all kinds of animals, both small and large, from tiny fish and birds, to Orang Utans, tigers and other large cats. It also features a rather unique collection of civets and other nocturnal animals. Many of the cages, especially those that house the reptiles and nocturnal animals, are in a Thai-Khmer style, featuring ancient ruins with vines and bas-reliefs. There is also a children's corner with pet-like mammals, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, pygmy goats and other friendly creatures, a rooftop waterfall, as well as has daily shows that include animals, such as monkeys and parrots. In Thai, it is known as Suan Sat Phatah. See MAP.