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Paris Peacock

Name of a large species of swallowtail butterfly, with the scientific name Papilio paris, which is found in South, East and Southeast Asia, and which has several known subspecies, the one commonly found in Thailand, being Papilio paris paris. It has a wingspan of around 105 to 130 centimeters. Above, the wings of the males are black, sprinkled with dark to bright green iridescent scales. Towards the apex of the forewings, certain scales are much denser, creating spots that align into a narrow band. The base of the hindwings have large brilliant greenish-blue iridescent patches, which are caused by the diffraction of the light from millions of tiny scales on its wings. Near the lower edge of the greenish-blue patches and above the swallowtail, are one or more eye-spots, depending on the species. Females are similar to the males, but somewhat paler and duller.