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Oriental Magpie

Common name for a bird of the crow family Corvidae, with the scientific designation Pica sericea or Pica pica sericea, after its Eurasian cousin Pica pica, which is commonly known as Common Magpie, Eurasian Magpie or European Magpie. The Oriental Magpie is also known by the common name Korean Magpie. It is mostly glossy black with an iridescent metallic green-bluish to purplish sheen on the wing feathers and on the long tail, while the belly is white and there are white patches on the scapulars. The legs and bill are black. In Thai, this species is called nok sahlikah pahk dam (นกสาลิกาปากดำ), i.e. ‘Black-billed Magpie’. This bird species appears to a height of ca. 2,250 metres and its habitat includes the forest edge, cultivated areas, and plantations. See also WILDLIFE PICTURES.