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Ngakywenadaung (ငကျွဲနားတောင်း)

Burmese. ‘Earring of Ngakywe’. Name of a Buddhist stupa in Bagan, located southwestern corner of the 13th century Mahazedi Pagoda (fig.). Its shape is similar to the Gourd Pagoda Buphaya (fig.) and consists of a cylindrical, bulbous dome, a design favoured by the Pyu and reminiscent to that of stupas found at the ancient Pyu city of Sri Kestra near Pyay, such as the ancient Bawbawgyi Phaya. This pagoda's architectural style is considered an early form or prototype of other Bagan monuments. It was built by King Nyaung-u Sawrahan, who is also known as the so-called ‘Cucumber King’ or ‘Farmer King’ Taungthugyi Min. This cylindrical monument is 13 meter high and is one of just four edifices in Bagan that was fully covered with green-glazed tiles, some of which are still visible today. See MAP.