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Paphiopedilum villosum

Latin-botanical name for a species of terrestrial Venus Slipper orchid of the genus Paphiopedilum, endemic to northeastern India, southern China, Myanmar and Thailand. It has long green leaves, with a single flower that grows on a long stem. There are several different cultivars and hybrids. Its petals and lip are orangey-yellow with an reddish-ochre wash, while the upright dorsal sepal is only orangey-yellow at the base and white (or pale green) at the top, and speckled with tiny purplish spots, or alternatively, a purplish patch made up of lines. Like other members of this group, the lip of the flower is modified into a slipper-shaped pouch. In Thai, this species of orchid, which is found at high altitudes in northern Thailand, is known as rong thao narih Inthanon (รองเท้านารีอินทนนท์), named after Doi Inthanon, i.e. Thailand's highest mountain. See also POSTAGE STAMPS.