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Paphiopedilum exul

Latin-botanical name for a rare species of terrestrial Venus Slipper orchid of the genus Paphiopedilum, endemic to Peninsular Thailand, with a restricted distribution, found only on a limestone island on the east side of the Gulf of Krabi and nowadays assessed critically endangered due to illegal collection for horticultural purposes, regional and international trade, deforestation, coastal development and habitat destruction. It has long green leaves, with a single flower that grows on a long stem. It is overall orangey-yellow with a brownish shine, apart from the upright dorsal sepal, which is white at the top and speckled with tiny brown spots. Like other members of this group, the lip of the flower is modified into a slipper-shaped pouch. In Thailand, this species of orchid is known as rong thao narih leuang krabi (รองเท้านารีเหลืองกระบี่), i.e. Krabi yellow lady slipper orchid. See also POSTAGE STAMPS.