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Buddha Statues Park

Name of a Buddhist religious site in Nakhon Sri Thammarat. It is known in Thai as Uthayaan Phra Phutta Sahtsanah Haeng Prathet Thai (อุทยานพระพุทธศาสนาแห่งประเทศไทย), which translates as Buddhist Park of Thailand. It is located in a large field along the Tapih River and features a collection of large Buddha statues against a background of evergreens, palm trees, hills and limestone mountains, with most of the Buddha images set up in rows of three, increasing in size per row. The site and its environment make for a unique setup for photographers, especially during twilight when the sky above it glows and becomes colourful. The place looks like a work in progress with large sections that have remained unfinished for a long time and hence this nameless temple is by the local people often referred to as a construction site. Besides the white, golden and concrete Buddha images, there are also yet still uncompleted statues of Siddhartha at birth (fig.) and of a large standing Buddha image, also in the making, whereas in front of the main area, there is also a finished golden Buddha image elevated on a huge unfinished concrete pedestal and a large upright image of the deified travelling monk Phra Siwalih holding a klot, i.e. a monastic umbrella (fig.). See also TRAVEL PICTURE (1) and (2), PANORAMA PICTURE, and MAP.