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Spirama helicina

Latin. Scientific designation for the Contrasting Catocalin Moth, i.e. a species of Owlet Moth of the genus Spirama, of which there are several species, many of which have a wing pattern in different shades of brown and off-white, and with two curly eyespots, that are somewhat reminiscent of a moustache, whereas in its entirety the pattern is said to resemble a snake’s head. This moth has a wingspan of around 6 to 7 centimeters and is listed in the family Erebidae. There is sexual dimorphism with the males being overall darker than females. It is found in large parts of Asia. Also known as Speiredonia helicina, Speiredonia japonica, and Spirama japonica. In Thai, it is known as mot phiraam nah yak (มอธพิรามหน้ายักษ์), i.e. resting giant's face moth or beautiful yak's face moth. See also Great Owl Moth (fig.).