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Spiny Bottom Tree Frog

Common name for an arboreal frog in the family Rhacophoridae, with the scientific designation Rhacophorus exechopygus. Above, its skin colour is a mixture of olive, chestnut and reddish-brown spots, while the legs have a series of dark bands on them. Below, this frog is mostly white, with some blackish spots and markings, especially on the belly. Whereas the skin on the underside is mostly uneven and bumpy, above it is mostly smooth, apart for some small bumps, that are brownish to coppery in colour. Those blunt spines, somewhat reminiscent of goose bumps, are scattered all over the back, yet appear in a greater concentration towards the rear. The eyes are golden brown with a little black in the irises. In 1999, scientists found this species at a height of 900 meters above sea level in Gia Lai (Gia Lai), a Vietnamese province in the Central Highlands, and in 2000, it was discovered in Vinh Cuu (Vĩnh Cửu) Nature Reserve, in the southern province of Dong Nai (Đồng Nai). In Vietnamese, this frog is known as ech cay mep da mong (ếch cây mép da mông).