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Red-bordered Ground Beetle

Name for a ground beetle in the Carabidae family, with the scientific designation Mouhotia batesi. Both sexes have a body size of about 3.8 to 4.9 centimeters, not including the mandibles. They have a flat, rectangular head and are overall black in colour, with a brass to copper coloured, harp-shaped rim on the edges of the pronotum, i.e. the front part of the thorax, as well as on the outer sides of the elytra, i.e. the hardened forewings that function as wing shields and that make up the back part of the thorax, which in this species is oval shaped. In addition, the elytra have shallow grooves, arranged in rows along their length. This species occurs in Central, West and Northeast Thailand, and is depicted on a Thai postage stamp of 2001 (fig.). It is also known as the Large Ground Beetle and in Thai it is called duang din khob thong daeng, i.e. ‘Copper-edged Ground Beetle’.