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Name of a species of semi-large butterfly, with the binomial name Stibochiona nicea. It has a wingspan of about 6 to 8 centimeters and is a deep velvety black above, with a row of marginal black ‒often rather heart-shaped‒ spots on the upper-hindwings, that in males are bordered snow-white outwardly, yet bordered blue inwardly, but are inwardly green-bordered in females. In addition, there are series of minute bluish-white spots along the outer margins of the wings, that form curves at the apex of the forewings. The underside is mostly purplish black, with bluish-white spots and markings. It has a large brown tongue and the head is marked with two white spots over two white slanted bars. The antennae are black with yellowish-brown tips; the legs are black with white joints. It perches with its wings flat. This species feeds on animal droppings. In Thai, this species is known as phi seua tara morakot (ผีเสื้อธารมรกต), i.e. ‘emerald creek butterfly’ or ‘emerald rivulet butterfly’. See also WILDLIFE PICTURES.