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Phra Paratamuni (พระภรตมุนี)

Thai-Pali. Name for a hermit or reusi that appears in the story Ramakien. In khon, he is depicted with a golden complexion, two large frontal teeth that stand somewhat apart, and a white moustache. In other iconography, he usually has a pinkish or white complexion (fig.). He is described as an actor and dancer, as well as the personal teacher of all Phra Idsuan's dancing poses. His name can also be pronounced Parotamuni, Parotmuni or Protmuni, and translates as ‘hermit-dancer’ or ‘dancing sage’. He is also known by the name Phra Nahtamunih and is sometimes referred to as phra kruh reusi, i.e. ‘hermit-teacher’. See also munih. See also LIST OF RAMAKIEN CHARACTERS.