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Pale Grass Blue

Common name for a very small, about 26 to 30 millimeter-sized butterfly (fig.), with the scientific name Zizeeria maha or Pseudozizeeria maha, and that belongs to the family Lycaenidae. There are several forms and races. The wings' upper side of the male of the nominate race in the rainy season form are silvery light blue with a satiny sheen, whilst in the dry season the upper side is pale bluish-grey (fig.), with a pinkish undertone in some specimens. In the wet season, the underside is brownish-grey with several dark markings and spots, that are lined with lighter edges, which is similar in the dry season, but then the ground-colour is paler. In females, the wings' upper side in rainy season form is brownish-black, with the basal halves of the wings slightly suffused with light blue, and some black lines, as well as a series of spots, whilst the wet season form, has wings like those of the male, but with a light silvery-blue suffusion. The female wings' underside is similar to that of the male, but with a darker ground-colour and larger and more clearly defined markings, while in the dry season the underside of the wings is also as in the male, but with the ground-colour slightly darker. In Thai, it is known by the name phi seua fah cell jud pah soong (ผีเสื้อฟ้าเซลล์จุดป่าสูง).