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Ngang Tah Daeng Keht Khot (งั่งตาแดงเกศคด)

Thai. ‘Crooked-headed Red-eyed Provider’. Name of a Khmer Buddhist amulet that is bent at the top and with the depiction of a Buddha image that has large red eyes, usually consisting of red ruby-like stones or cut glass, which reflect the light and give the appearance that the eyes are alive. The back of the amulet is embossed with a large yan-sign. This amulet is believed to have supernatural powers, and is said to make young girls fall in love. It is somewhat reminiscent of another amulet, which is known as Phra Tha Kradahn (fig.) and also called Phra Tha Kradahn Keht Khot Tah Daeng (fig.). Whereas the former has a more rounded face, that of the latter is longer and does not always have red eyes.