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Magistrates of the Netherworld

The scribes of Yan Mo (fig.), who is also known as Yan Wang (fig.), the king of death and the counterpart of the Vedic god Yama (fig.). They keep record of the good and the bad deeds of humankind, and as such are the counterparts of Citragupta in the Vedic tradition, and of Suwan and Suwaan in the Thai tradition (fig.). Unlike the aforementioned scribes, the Magistrates of the Netherworld number four in total, namely one who keeps record of the good deeds of humankind, one who records their bad deeds, and each of them with a personal controller, who checks that not mistakes are made. They are typically found in the main hall of the Emperor of Hell. In Chinese, known as Yin Cao De Fu Pan Guan (阴曹地府判官).