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Dark-sided Flycatcher

Common name for a 13 to 14 centimeter small passerine bird, with the scientific designation Muscicapa sibirica, and also commonly known as Siberian Flycatcher and Sooty Flycatcher, though the latter name is also used for the species Muscicapa infuscata. It is very similar to the Asian Brown Flycatcher (fig.), and though their behaviour, back, rump and primaries are completely identical, they can be distinguished from the features on the chest and head. Whereas the Asian Brown Flycatcher has a white eye-ring, white lores, a uniform white belly, and a white chin, with some hint of localized brown patches on its chest, the Dark-sided Flycatcher has a streaky chin and chest that extends all the way to its belly, as well as brownish lores. Furthermore, the latter can be a tiny bit larger and appears overall slightly darker too, though this would be very hard to distinguish in the field, if at all.