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Art In Paradise

Name of an interactive 3D Art Museum, in which visitors can take place on, or in front of, a certain object or painting, which is created in such a manner that it generates an optical illusion and makes it appear as if one is part of the subject is a bizarre, often funny way. Art In Paradise is created by a group of 12 South Korean artists and painters, and first opened in Pattaya in 2008, in a 5008mē complex, the biggest of its kind in the world. Due to its success the museum later opened several branches, including in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, while there are similar museums of this kind in Songkhla and Nakhon Ratchasima, known as Hat Yai Magic Eye 3D Museum and Arts of Korat, respectively, as well as another one in Bangkok, known as Magic Art (map - fig.). The themes in the Art In Paradise museums include classic art, aqua, safari, Egypt, surrealism, dinosaurs, Ayutthaya and things Thai. In addition, the museum in Pattaya also has some miniature-scale dioramas. See MAP.