Thailand is a very welcoming place for gay people and being a mainly Buddhist country same sex relationships come without any moral concern, making it largely a non-issue. Many Thais also engage in bisexual relationships, without worrying about social pressure or comments, or on how to label themselves. Homosexuality was decriminalized in the country in 1956 and removed from a list of mental disorders by Thai law in 2002. The military however lists gay and transgender people as suffering from sexual identity problems. Thailand has an unique gay culture that consists of commercial establishments, such as beer bars, go-go clubs, saunas and massage parlors, as well as of establishments that lend themselves to non-commercial encounters, such as discos, pubs, snookers and karaoke bars. A lot of gay men can also be found cruising in shopping malls and public parks or amongst the staff of many hotels and restaurants across the country.



  Put it up, gay boy, Bangkok (Thailand)

An obvious message (or request) on this gay boy's trousers.





Bangkok, also called Krung Thep, is a metropolitan with around 13 million people. It is situated on the Chao Phraya River, just a small distance North of where it floods into the Gulf of Siam. The city is literally scattered with gay venues and the most popular ones are in the areas of Silom and Suriwong, Ramkhamhaeng, Ratchadaphisek, Sanam Luang and Victory Monument.


DJ Station
Soi 2, Silom Road, Bangrak

Most popular and trendy disco with loud but hip music and a nightly kathoey and cabaret show. Frequented by mostly expats and tourists. The locals come either with Thai friends or alone to look for a foreign boyfriend. Very crowded during the weekends.


Soi 89/2, Ramkhamhaeng Road, Bangkapi

Hip disco with a young crowd of mainly Thais, many of whom are students at the nearby universities. In the weekends it offers a lively dance and lip-singing show with mainly male dancers and sometimes lady-boys. A real plays both Thai and Western music. Crowded during the weekends.



  Finale dancers, Ramkhamhaeng, Bangkok (Thailand)

Finale, a trendy gay disco with a lively show, in the area of Ramkhamhaeng.




Soi 89/2, Ramkhamhaeng Road, Bangkapi

The most trendy disco in the soi with a DJ playing hip music and no remix. A good mix of both young and older Thais, but little to no foreigners. Popular in the later hours and in the weekends. It occasionally has some male stage dancers, usually when the crowd is large enough. Sometimes also lady-boys might perform, the same team that also performs in other, nearby establishments.


Soi 89/2, Ramkhamhaeng Road, Bangkapi

Disco in the beginning of the soi visited by a mainly young crowd, often students from the nearby universities. The music is remix only, typically at too fast a rhythm. Little to no foreigners. Often has long stage performances of kathoey and other shows, as well as contests.



Chiang Mai, Thailand's second largest city, is famous for its Night Bazaar and traditional handicrafts. A bustling metropolis it still preserves its local heritage which can be seen in both its architecture and the northern way of living. The gay nightlife is not as thriving as that found in the capital but the relaxed atmosphere in the cities many open-air beer bars are a nice change. Besides those beer bars and some mixed discos there are also plenty of gay saunas, hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and beer gardens.


Night Bazaar Beer Bars
Soi, Chang Klan Road, Meuang

A cluster of open-air beer bars at the far end of the main shopping building of the Night Bazaar. The bars are frequented by mostly expats and very young boys, often with hill tribe ethnicity, tend to hang around. Some bars have a snooker table. When staff of any of the bars have something to celebrate, usually the whole soi will join the party.



Dancing in the street at the Night Bazaar Beer Bars of Chiang Mai.



  Night Bazaar Beer Bars, Chiang Mai (Thailand)



Pattaya, a coastal city with a population of over 250,000 on Thailand's Eastern Seaboard is (in)famous for being a great gay playground. Although this beach resort's gay scene is mostly commercial, the sheer quantity of gay people attracted to the city and living here to work in the tourism industry also create more than a single opportunity to meet real gay friends and many more trendy venues are beginning to spring up that lend themselves to non-commercial encounters. With virtually no intolerance of gays one will feel indeed a welcome guest in Pattaya. Gay people and venues are found all over the city but the largest concentration of gay venues are in South Pattaya and Jomtien, especially in the areas of Pattayaland and Boyz Town, Soi Day & Night, Soi VC, Sunee Plaza, Jomtien Complex and Had Dong Tan (Tarn), Jomtien's gay beach.



  Yves and friend at Had Dong Tan, Jomtien (Thailand)

Had Dong Tan in Jomtien is known as Pattaya's gay beach.